My personal Top 10 movies

Full-Length movies

You know, the old-school type of movie that went on for 2-3 hours and then was over. Not like those series on streaming where one episode only lasts <1h but you can binge watch for hours...




This section used to be about TV series even though I was never really a TV person myself. Before streaming arrived I watched them on DVD. Nowadays I just write down what I want to watch on streaming and then in the dark months I get one or two month of a streaming subscription and binge watch everything form my list.

Not sure, but I might have forgotten to list Firefly above. So just to be sure: Firefly is a great show. Just in case you missed it..


I removed Emir Kusturica from the list for political reasons. However, I still enjoy his films...

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Last revied: [2023-08-03] and left any inconsistencies in place. For some movies I don't even remember having ever seen them....