The Nac Mac Feegle take pride in being able to get into, or out of, anywhere (although getting out of pubs presents something of a difficulty).

— Terry Pratchett


I like to be in control of what my computers do. I especially don’t like if they start sending data to corporations without my consent
[I don’t consider hidden agreements in 1000 page documents consenting]
. That’s why I don’t use Windows or Mac OS. I prefer GNU/Linux or one of the *BSDs and I try to stick to the simplest of distributions because I like to understand what’s going on under the hood. That’s why I try to use OpenBSD or Slackware wherever possible. Of course this page is hosted on the largest NetBSD cluster on the planet, run by the awesome folks of SDF.

I also don’t like a single company storing all my web searches in a personalized form. In an effort to stay away from Google, I don’t use it their search engine. To search the web, I stick to DuckDuckGo with some excursions to StartPage, if the desired results don’t come up on DDG. The nice !Bangs feature of DDG matches this very easy since all you have to do is add a ‘!sp’ to your search terms.

As for social networking I rely on decentralized services. As a general rule I don’t use any service where I can’t run my own server (which doesn’t mean that I always do run my own instance). I run my own Hubzilla instance on Since I usually don’t have a lot to say, I also like microblogging, for wich I use SDF’s Mastodon instance.


Since I love coffee, I might as well devote a section of this page to it. So, this is how I make coffee:


I usually buy organic whole bean coffee from a local roasting house, Kaffeerösterei Hohsennen. I try to avoid ground coffee as much as possible since it tends to loose its taste pretty fast. The only exception to that rule is the flavoured coffees by the Icelandic Kaffitar.


If I’m out I basically accept any coffee preparation method, as a bad coffee is better than no coffee.
[Just to be clear here: instant coffee isn’t coffee!]
I’m generally not that fond of espresso since I like drinking coffee and the pure act of drinking involves a certain amount of liquid. The amount of liquid used in a espresso is mostly negligible.

So, these are my preferred ways of coffee preparation:


Most of the coffees I drink at home is prepared using a Aeropress. It’s easy to use, very easy to clean and produces a rich tasting coffee that’s not very bitter. It’s still bitter, buy hey, it’s still coffee!

Moka pot

If I’m in need for a stronger, bitterer brew I usually use a moka pot. To me the main down side of moka pots was always, that you shouldn’t put them on maximum heat on the stove unless you plan to burn the ground coffee before it comes in contact with water, resulting in a far from optimal taste. That is until I found the Bialetti Brikka which is built to be used on full heat and even produces a nice foamy top.

But I also like the strong filter coffee you get in Nordic countries. To me probably the best combination is a cup of Icelandic filter coffee in the hot tub of a public geothermal bath.


I mostly listen to Grindcore. It probably impossible to list all the bands I like. Some of the more obscure Powerviolence bands don’t even have a website. So here are just a few links of bands I like:


I usually try to avoid politics.

Other sites


Here are a few links to the web sites of organisations I tend to support:

and least but not last the awesome Public Unix Provider that hosts this site:

  • SDF - Super Dimension Fortress